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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

G2MC - Capture The Moment

GEN2 MOTORSPORT CLUB at Danga Bay during the members gathering last night.
SHUTTERADDICT was the Official Photographer that night and responsible for capturing the event activity. The photo below was taken during the setup to capturing the moments.

Client : G2MC
Location : Danga Bay, JB.
Photo by : SHUTTERADDICT.COM [ Rosli, Wak Nin, Aby, Gemok ]
^ GEN2 MOTORSPORT CLUB^ Aby and Wak Nin quite busy to arrange the line-up^ Me, busy capturing "the making"^ The line-up^The photographer, SHUTTERADDICT.com
[ From left, Gemok, Wak Nin, Rosli. Aby, taken the photo ]

Unfortunately the event was held at night. Its quite difficult for us to take the photo and of course the lighting its the main thing. But at the end of the night, its successfully done!

All contents and photos are under copyright of SHUTTERADDICT.com

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Eddie77 said...

ye ar tu....ade event motorsport senyap2.tau2..!!??